Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

We fly over the Gold Coast on a wonderful, hour-long balloon journey every morning at sunrise – weather permitting.


Your Balloon Down Under Experience begins just before sunrise. Ballooning in Australia is always an early morning activity, because that is when the winds are most gentle.

When you make your booking we will advise you where and when we will meet and what to wear and what to bring.

A complimentary pick-up and return service is available for visitors to the Gold Coast. This service is provided to visitors staying between Southport and Broadbeach. If your hotel is out of this vacinty, please contact our office for alternative options.

Meeting Point

Local passengers will be met at the Mercure Resort Gold Coast at the time determined  when making your booking. Directions to the Mercure Resort, will be emailed to you along with your confirmation details.

From Mercure Resort we head off, in our vehicles, to the balloon launch site selected by the pilot for the morning’s hot air balloon flight. We choose from 20 or so launch sites scattered throughout the Gold Coast region. The selection is made based on the wind direction and speed on the morning of your flight.

Our friendly, well-trained and ever-smiling balloon crew will brief you, while the balloon is being set up for your flight. You are welcome to help our the crew as the balloon is being inflated. Hot Air Balloon Meeting Point Mercure Resort Gold Coast

Once aboard the wicker basket your magical hot air balloon ride begins! The launches are so gentle you won’t even realize you’ve left the ground. The peace and tranquility floating high above the coast will surprise you, while the views will leave you speechless. Your pilot will point out Gold Coast landmarks and places of interest as you fly. Drifting gently over the Gold Coast landscape for an hour allows ample time to take in the panoramic views of the Gold Coast, from skimming over the tree tops to up to 2,000 feet high. Your pilot will then skillfully lead your balloon safely to its landing site. Steering the balloon is achieved by utilizing varying wind speeds and wind directions found at different heights. Your pilot will rotate the balloon during the flight so you get to experience the whole wonderful panorama of scenery.

Hot Air balloon Down Under Gold Coast AustraliaOur exclusive “flying” camera will record your flight from its very unusual location. All pictures are available for purchase on a CD directly after the flight.

After the hot air balloon lands we invite all our passengers to join the crew in the fun & games of the balloon pack-up.

It’s time to head back for a Delicious 5-Star International Breakfast at Chelo’s, Mercure Resort.