Hot Air Balloon Rides – Gold Coast

About Us:

We are the Gold Coast’s and Queensland’s longest operating hot air balloon business and one of the oldest in Australia. Hot Air Balloon Down Under are proud members of The Gold Coast Best Tours!

Winner of the Hospitality Award for Outstanding Courtesy & Service to the Gold Coast Tourist Industry.

hot air balloon down under gold coastBalloon Down Under is the only ballooning business on the Gold Coast to be awarded for excellence by the Australian Tourism Industry. A finalist in the Supreme Hospitality Awards, Balloon Down Under was recently awarded the Hospitality Award for “Outstanding Courtesy and Service to the Gold Coast Tourist Industry”.

Our mission is to provide all our passengers with the safest & very best ballooning experience possible.

Family Owned & Operated

Balloon Down Under was started by David Parkes over 20 years ago. In 2005, David’s brother Tony and wife Vivienne took over the business and Tony became Chief Pilot.


With 15 years flying experience Tony has flown balloons all over the country.  He has also participated in numerous ballooning events, including several Australian Hot Air Balloon Championships. As organizer and “Balloonmeister” he has assisted in promoting and running balloon events all over the country, with his pet project now being the annual Dalby Balloon Fiesta.

Balloon festivals

Tony delighted in showing the wonder of a hot air balloon flights over the Gold Coast to all our local, interstate and overseas visitors. Much of this can be attributed to the enjoyment his passengers get from each flight.

Robert Lye purchased Balloon Down Under and it still operates as a family business. With the families relaxed, easy manner and professionalism they will calm even the most nervous first timers as Bob and his team of Pilots, point out the interesting features along the way and guides the balloon with the early morning Gold Coast breezes.

Throughout the years of flying over the Gold Coast we have accrued an impeccable safety record. All of our pilots are among the best and most experienced balloon pilots in the country. All are highly trained and fully CASA licensed . We operate under a Air Operators Certificate, issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and all passengers are covered by compulsory Civil Aviation (Carriers Liability) and ground risks insurances.

All of our hot air balloons are the latest designs and use the most recent satellite GPS & radio technology to ensure safe and picturesque flights.

Our sponsored balloons feature Remax, Elgas, Air Asia, Gotalk, Sirromet and other corporate advertisers. If you are interested in getting your name up on one of our balloons, come and talk to us!